8 Apr 2018

Maratona di Roma 2018


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Maratona / 2018: how to enter - rules




XXIV Acea Maratona di Roma 

8 April 2018 - start 8.40 am - Via dei Fori Imperiali (Colosseo)


To register online for Acea Maratona di Roma (Rome Marathon) the athletes must use the reserved area of www.maratonadiroma.it (mymdr.it). Athletes must be 20 or older on the race day. The following categories of (not resident in Italy) athletes are allowed to run the race:


a)            Athletes holding a membership card of non-Italian Athletics Federations recognised by Iaaf (so it is not compulsory to send the medical certificate for competitive athletics and to purchase the compulsory assurance), upon registration these athletes may alternatively a) or b):

- upload a scanned version of the membership card; the card must be valid on the date of the event.

Download here the self-declaration and send it to info@maratonadiroma.it


Are you resident in UK? click here


b)            Athletes (Not holding a membership card recognised by Iaaf) are allowed to run the race through compulsory assurance (Runcard) and the medical certificate for competitive athletics. The Runcard is purchasable at the time of registration (or later in own reserved area); the Runcard will be sent via e-mail within 72 hours. 

DOWNLOADING HERE THE MEDICAL FORM (compulsory: only this form is allowed). It must be filled in (and submitted complete with physician's signature and print) and it must be valid on the date of the event. During registering, to speed up the validation process, athletes can upload the scanned Runcard and the medical certificate in their private area of mymdr.it or send them to the e-mail info@maratonadiroma.it. However, athletes have to produce the medical certificate to "Sport Expo The Marathon Village" at the time of bib number collection.



EUR 55.00 until July 12, 2017

EUR 70.00 until October 4, 2017

EUR 80.00 until January 6, 2018

EUR 85.00 until January 31, 2018

EUR 90.00 until March 21, 2018

from March 22 to 28, 2018 it will be possible to ask for a slot (only on info@maratonadiroma.it) at the cost of EUR 90.00

EUR 50.00 until March 21, 2018 for the Over 75 athletes.


For the purchase of the Runcard: EUR 12.00

Every athlete can also purchase additional services (personalized video, engraved medal).




You can choose one of the following options:

- Credit card 

- Bank transfer

No payment made by Travel Cheque, Euro Cheque, international money order or draft check issued by any foreign bank will be accepted.



A confirmation e-mail will be sent after the registration office will have verified all the documents required. However the Confirmation Letter can be downloaded from the own reserved area (mymdr.it). The Confirmation Letter must be printed, signed and brought to "Sport Expo The Marathon Village" in order to collect the race bib.



The race bib will be assigned subsequently to the completion of the registration procedure, based on the record statement (PB) realized in the last two years, with its date and place. The organization reserves the right to carry out checks on declared records. The name on the race bib will also appear for those who register by March 15. Depending on the bib number allocation, the morning of the Marathon it will be possible to access the own starting area and wave. 



Please consult the rules  for further information.



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