8 Apr 2018

Maratona di Roma 2018
Registration open


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Maratona / Race Info



The start will be carried out by “waves". Depending on the race bib allocated, the day of the marathon will be possible to access the following starting areas, with their start times (from 8.40 am). 



Look after and follow your pacers! Here below are the colours and related times:

1st WAVE: 3:00 red, 3:15 white, 3:30 light blue.

2ND WAVE: 3:15, white, 3:30 light blue, 3:45 yellow, 4:00 dark green, 4:15 orange, 4:30 violet.

3RD WAVE: 3.45 yellow, 4:00 dark green, 4:15 orange, 4:30 violet, 4:45 lime, 5:00

blue, 5:30 pink, 6:00 black, 6:30 light green, 7:00 white, 7:30 gold.




The start and finish left luggage service will be prepared, whose mode of use will be communicated to registered athletes by "Race Day Info" in the previous days of the race.

In any case it will be possible to access the area for delivery of the luggage (the luggage is exclusively the New Balance 2018 backpack) until maximum 40 minutes before each start.



The changing tents area will be situated near the left luggage area.



The timing service will be with chips and to be used according to the instructions attached to the bib (on the back). On the route will be made recorded timing points (approximately every 5 km and half marathon). In addition it will be carried out further surveys to guarantee the correct results.

The results will be drawn up taking into account the real time (net time detected by the chip), to the exclusion of parties athletes Area Top - Men Bib numbers from 1 to 50 and women from F1 to F30 - for which will be worth the “official time” (time to shot, “Gun Time”).

The timekeeping service is by EQ Timing.

RaceONE will be Maratona di Roma official mobile app in 2018. In the app will all necessary information for participants and audiences be available, so that you can follow and support your favorite runners via live-tracking, official results and various social features such as film, and pictures.



Medical assistance will be guaranteed all along the racecourse. Also, there will be aid stations every 5km and an emergency First Aid Station just off the finish area. Specialized physical therapists are available for sport massages just beyond the finish area.



The maximum time to finish the Marathon is fixed in 7 hours and 30 minutes.

the "Race day info" will be published in the previous race day and with the details of the maximum time of transition to the intermediate kilometer references.



If you wish to withdraw from the race, make sure you reach one of the refreshing points along the route. Shuttle-buses depart from these refreshment points.



Athletes crossing the finish line will be awarded the official medal. The medal can be personalized at the stand just after the arrival. The medal personalization service can be bought on Mymdr when registering and in the reserved area.

Results and participation diploma (which the athlete can download) will be available free just after the marathon on the web site: www.maratonadiroma.it.

Written requests regarding changes and/or insertion to the rankings will be accepted until 7 days after the publication. After this date the rankings will be considered final.

Personal photos will be on sale directly on our web site, section "results" and available also on getpica.com or the PICA app, by entering the code you find on the race bib.

Additional services (personal race video and engraved medal) will be on sale when registering or in the reserved area.