8 Apr 2018

Maratona di Roma 2018


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On 22 March, 2015 an athlete, with an incredible sport career, will run the Maratona di Roma. Her name is Sigrid Eichner, born in Dresden on September 29th, 1940, so she is 74 years old, she lives in Berlin where she still works to finance her races and in 34 years of career she finished 1850 marathons and ultramarathons (all listed in the website www.affenzahn.de), entering in the “Guinness Book of Records”.

Sigfrid has a difficult story of life: born in east Germany from a poor family, she remained orphan of her father who died as soldier in the Second World War. She grew up with her mother and her three brothers, she could get a degree thanks to her efforts in studying and in sport which allowed her to get scholarships. She is an example of extraordinary tenacity in fact she has a huge popularity in Germany.

She has been running non-stop for 34 years and, at home, she has a collection of more than 400 medals, 400 cups and hundreds of race t-shirts. So far she has completed 1850 marathons and ultramarathons, all documented, and if you add up the races completed in the former east Germany, which are unverifiable, the total would be 2,500.

Her longest non-stop race was the Grand Union Race of 1998, 145 miles from Birningham to London completed in 44 hours without assistance. She ran in 40 different countries, she participated 6 times in the Trans Gaule in France and in the “ Madmen’s Diagonal” in the Reunion Island while in the United Stated of America she ran the Bad Water. In 2008 she was honoured as Sportswoman of the year by DUV for stage races finished in a season: Baltic Run (320 km) in 5 days, Trans Gaule (1150 km), in 18 days and Deutschlandlauf (1250km) in 17 days.