• Medal 2016 - A challenge for young artists / 27-04-2015

    We invite art students to take part in a design competition for the Rome Marathon 2016 participant medal. Sketches will be evaluated by the coordinators of the ...

  • LIVE RANKINGS / 22-03-2015

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  • ART CARD - A GIFT FOR ALL RUNNERS / 14-03-2015

      The Art Card, give the right to a discount on the cost of the entrance ticket of agreed museum and archeological sites of Rome. Find here the list ...



14,183 athletes (8,016 Italians and 6,167 from abroad) have entered the 19th Rome Marathon. 11,871 men and 2,312 women are ready to pound the streets of the Eternal City. Practice your "bonjour" if you wish to be friendly on the race day, as 1,262 marathoners come from France. Full stats available here.

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