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  • Race Day Info / 18-04-2016

    For the marathon runners: we warmly recommend you to use the underground metro and get off at Metro B (line) Circo Massimo station (very close to the Race Left ...

  • Results / 10-04-2016

    Click here for ther Results of the race

  • Info for roman citizens / 03-04-2016

    Only for roman citizens.

Rome's Marathon Individual Athletes Registration

 Self certification is not valid for participation.

Non Italian-resident athletes must be 20 or older on the race day. In order to register for the race, these athletes must provide the following documents:


Download the Entry Form (EN, ES, FR, DE), fill it and send it to Atielle Roma Srl – V.le B.Bardanzellu, 65 00155 Roma – Italia


a) Athletes members of foreign Athletics Associations affiliated with either IAAF  must send a copy of their membership card to Atielle Roma Srl – V.le B.Bardanzellu, 65 00155 Roma – Italia. The membership card must be valid on the date of Maratona di Roma 2016; it must comply with all the rules and regulations on road running enforced in the athlete's country of residence upon registration.


b) In compliance with the Italian law for safety in sports, athletes who do not hold a Iaaf or other associations for promotion of sports (EPS - athletics) membership card can participate withRuncard (card issued by Fidal or through the Rome Marathon organization and which includes the coverage for injuries that is compulsory in Italy) along with a medical certificate for competitive athletics valid in the residence Country and in compliance with the legislation on health protection in the agonistic sports practice in force in Italy.


Please read the rules

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