• After Party / 02-02-2016

    Guess what? The Marathon is over and it’s time to party! Runners, friends, spectators: we are delighted to invite you to keep celebrating for a few more ...

  • 22 March: the last deadline to register / 30-11-2015

    The last deadline to register is on March, 22.  Click here to register

  • September 30: the second deadline to register / 10-07-2015

      Technical t-shirt and backpack New Balance for all the participants.   REGISTRATION FEES FOR ATHLETES WITH A MEMBERSHIP CARD (RESIDENT AND NO ...



Click here to sign up for the Rome Marathon 2013. Please read carefully the Rules and Regulations (available in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German) to learn wich documents you must provide upon registration (athletes resident outside Italy must submit a health form - which is made available for download during the on-line registration process - or copy of their membership card if they belong to a running/athletics club affiliated withIAAF-acknowledged Federations). Please note that at the beginning of May we had to open the on-line procedure for some hours in order to perform registration tests, and some runners have signed up for the marathon in that time-slot. These registrations are considered valid. 

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