Rome Marathon 2014 official medal


A) The compositional structure synthesizes the three symbols of the Rome Marathon.

The Colosseum – the city icon, that comes from the past and which is passed by the runners as they shape their life paths with pure the act of running.

The human figure – purposely androgynous. When we run, we belong to the earth, to the air. We go beyond the concept of gender itself. Runners are creatures similar to angels.

The background – it’s all about air. The air-trails runners leave behind them, the air they eagerly breathe (see the angle of the runner’s head).


B) The dynamism of the legs. It results from a study of the muscles involved in the mechanic of running. What we see in the artwork is the overlapping of several muscular postures as seen in the real act of running.


C) The direction. Western cultures are used to left-to-right reading. Runners think outside the box. Runners are free. They go whatever direction they wish. Every crossroad is a chance for an Individual decision.


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