7 Apr 2019

Maratona di Roma 2019


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  • Is the racecourse flat? Will I find many cobbled segments? ↓

    The course includes almost all the most beautiful and important monuments, streets and squares of Rome. At the same time, we contained the number of the direction changes (77) and that of cobblestones kilometers (about 7 located mainly along the start and finish area). There are some hills but not of great importance. For more information, see the page dedicated to the route and altimetry.

  • What temperature should I expect in Rome ? ↓

    These are the averages of the last editions:  min 8° - max 18°

  • What's the minimum age to take part in the marathon? ↓

    If you reside in Italy you must be 20 or older on the race day. If you do not reside in Italy you must be 18 or older on the race day.

  • I do not reside in Italy. What do I need to get registered? ↓

    You have two options: to present a membership card of a Club of athletics federation affiliated to the IAAF or a medical certificate valid for competitive athletics (D.M. 18/02/1982), to download the relative form from the "How to enter" page of www.maratonadiroma.it, that will be matched to the Runcard (insurance coverage on accidents) that you can purchase by Rome Marathon Organization (or that if you already own because you participated already in Italy, in a race before the Rome Marathon). 

  • I reside in Italy, I am no member of any running club - and I want to run the Rome Marathon. What shall I do? ↓

    You have four options: 1) membership with a club affiliated to the FIDAL 2) membership with a Sports Promotion club (EPS) 3) membership with the Rome Marathon Running Club, 4) Runcard: See the special section on the Regulation. Resident and not in Italy, can not participate with the sole medical certificate. 

  • I am member of a FIDAL-affiliated club. What do I need to get registered? ↓

    A copy of your 2016 membership card. Alternatively, a declaration (on club’s headed paper) in which the manager of your club certifies that you're member for 2016.

  • I'm Italian but I reside abroad. What do I need to get registered? ↓

    The country of residence is taken in consideration, not the nationality. You have two options: to present a membership card of a club affiliated to the IAAF or submit a medical certificate valid for competitive athletics (D.M. 1(/02/1982) that will be matched to Runcard that will be given by the organization of the Rome Marathon (or that you already own because you participated already in a race, before the Rome Marathon). 

  • I?ve registered, paid and submitted all the required documents. Why I haven?t been assigned a bib number yet? ↓

    We need to carefully scrutinize all documents. We check the copy of the payment and the validity of your membership card. If  everything is correct, we give the ok to the system. This operation could take from 3 to 10 working days. In the days close to the change of registration fee, times could take longer, considering the large number of requests that come to us all together. Subsequently, the system will assign the bib number and you confirmation letter will be available in your reserved area.

  • By what standard is my bib number assigned? ↓

    It depends on your marathon PB in the last 2 years. Should you not have one, or have one older than 2 years, you will be assigned to the last starting corral.

  • I have not received my user ID and password to access my private area, what shall I do? ↓

    E-mail iscrizioni@maratonadiroma.it. For urgent enquiries, call +39

  • I have paid and sent all the required documents. How can I check that my registration has been successful? ↓

    Enter your reserved area with the User-Id and the password you received when you first register. When a registration is complete and the bib is assigned, a confirmation letter becomes available for download.

  • By when do I have to submit the required documents? Can?t I provide them at the expo, when I come to pick my bib? ↓

    As reported in the Rules, the maximum time to send all the documentation is the day of the last registration deadline. If you do not provide the right documentation before the deadline, your application will be considered "in pending". You'll be able to regularize your registration at the "Pending Desk" at Sport Expo The Marathon Village bringing the missing documents, but you risk to find a long queue.

  • Which Credit Card do you accept? ↓

    VISA and MASTERCARD only. But you have also other payment option (see Rules - Methods of payment)

  • I have paid by credit card, when will you confirm my payment? ↓

    The payment confirmation is automatic

  • Can I submit registration form/health certificate first and pay later? ↓

    Yes. Just note that Registration fee will be calculated according to the date payment is made. Please check the date of registration fees in the Rules.
    Please note that payment must be done by credit card at the end of the procedure or in each case by 10 days from the registration date, in the modalities indicated; after that date the registration will be canceled and the procedure must be repeated by entering the reserved area of the site www.mymdr.it again.

  • I registered - but didn?t pay yet. How can I pay now with credit card? ↓

    Enter your personal area, logging in with your user-id and password. To calculate the registration fee will be consider the date of payment, not the date when you signed up.

  • By mistake I made the payment twice, what should I do? ↓

    Generally, no more than one transaction is authorized. For peace of mind, however, we suggest you to send a screenshot of the payment to iscrizioni@maratonadiroma.it, explaining what happened. In the eventuality of a payment actually gone through twice, we will proceed to refund. Please note the time necessary to get the money back depends only on your bank.

  • I purchased the medal engraving service. How will I get my medal engraved? ↓

    Together with the bib, you will find a medal engraving voucher. Keep the voucher in the bag you’ll use on the race day. Once you’ll have collected your bag after the finish, go to the medal engraving tent and hand your medal and the voucher to the staff. Your medal will be engraved in a few minutes.

  • I have not purchased the medal engraving service ? but now I want it. What shall I do? ↓

    Enter your personal area on maratonadiroma.it. Select the service. Pay it with credit card.

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