7 Apr 2019

Maratona di Roma 2019


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On this page you can find information about the management of the following website http://www.maratonadiroma.it , especially as far as processing of personal data provided by site users is concerned .
The current Privacy Policy Statement is provided in accordance with article 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 (and amendments); the current Statement is valid exclusively for the following website http://www.maratonadiroma.it . The said web site may contain hyperlinks to third parties websites: this Privacy Policy Statement does not apply to such websites.
All text, information and other data are published or accessible via form on this website with the sole purpose of providing information; the above mentioned text, information and data are not to be held as official communications, except the cases provided for by current legislation.
Atielle Roma S.r.l. declines any responsibility related to services provided by third parties whose website contains links to the current website and responsibility regarding any other content, information or statement against the Italian Law located on the third party’s website containing links to the current website.

Visiting the website http://www.maratonadiroma.it might imply processing identified or identifiable users’data.

Atielle Roma S.r.l. main office located in Rome Via B. Bardanzellu 65 – 00155 ROME is the data controller; the person responsible for any decision regarding data processing is Mr. Roberto Cianci as legal representative of the data controller.

Data collected on this website will be processed in the Data Collector’s premises; all data will be processed only by staff members entrusted to processing data.

Surfing data
While You surf the site http://www.maratonadiroma.it IT systems and software regulating the activity of the website itself acquire some personal data. Transmission of these data is incorporated in the Internet communication protocol stack.
This category of data include, for example, IP addresses, domain names identifying site users’ computers, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of requested resources, time of request, the way the request was sent to the computer server, the size of the response file, server response status code (successful, error etc) and other pieces of information regarding , the user’s operating system and IT environment.
The above mentioned data per se do not identify the user; however, they might identify him/her in case they are combined with data held by third parties.
Atielle Roma S.r.l. may use these data to compile statistics on how many visitors visit our web sites and to verify that the website is working appropriately; these data are deleted immediately after they have been processed.
In case of suspected hacking attempts aimed at damaging the site these data might also be used to identify the hacker/s.
Except in the above mentioned case, data are usually deleted after seven days.

Data provided by users
Users’ data collection can be carried out on the basis of voluntary agreement. The user agrees with the processing of his/her data by sending an e-mail to the addresses indicated on the website or by sending the website e-forms (participation forms or registration).
In case the user sends an e.mail to Atielle Roma S.r.l., Atielle Roma S.r.l will use the e-mail address to reply; Atielle Roma S.r.l. will also collect other personal data in the e-mail to legalize registration.
Personal data collected in this way will be used by Atielle Roma S.r.l. exclusively to reply to the received message and to send other related messages in the future.
In case the user sends e-forms to ask for information or to legalize his/her registration to the Maratona di Roma, Atielle Roma S.r.l. collects the personal and sensitive data and uses them for the sole purposes of replying to the request of information, sending other related messages in the future and legalizing registration.

The website http://www.maratonadiroma.it only uses “single session cookies”, which are not permanently registered on the computer; these cookies are deleted when the browser is closed.
The use of these cookies is limited to the transmission of session identifying data (casual digit sequences generated by the server); they are necessary to ensure efficient and safe website surfing; they also allow to avoid the use of other IT techniques which might prove not as safe as far as the user’s privacy is concerned.
These cookies do not lead to acquisition of data allowing to identify the user.
The website http://www.maratonadiroma.it does not use cookies to transmit personal data nor “persistent cookies” of any kind, that is cookies which enable the website holder to track the users .

Personal data are processed manually and/or automatically by computers; personal data are handled only for the time span necessary for us to achieve the above mentioned purposes.
Special data protection measures have been implemented in order to avoid data loss, illegitimate or inappropriate use of data and unauthorized access to data contents.

As provided by article 7 of Leg. Dec. n° 196/2003 (and amendments), users have the right to receive confirmation in any moment about the existence of their personal data and to be informed about the content and the source of the data in order to verify data, add or update some elements or ask to correct them in case they are not correct.
As provided by the same article, users also have a right to have their data deleted, made anonymous or blocked in case they were processed against the law provisions. Users also have a right to refuse agreement to data processing for legitimate reasons.
Requests must be sent to the following address: Atielle Roma S.r.l. operational branch Via B. Bardanzellu 65 00155 Rome – Tel. (+39)064065064 - Fax (+39)064065157 - E-mail info@atielle.it