7 Apr 2019

Maratona di Roma 2019


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Maratona / Rome Wheelchair Marathon rules

 8 APRIL 2018


The wheelchair race (Rome Wheelchair Marathon, 42.195k) is included in the international calendar of World Para Athletics and also "official stage" of the Grand Prix FISPES of Marathon.
Foreign athletes taking part in the event must be in compliance with the current Italian legislation on health protection (being in possession of the IPC license) and insurance coverage.


Registration can be made online at www.maratonadiroma.it.
Registration for the event is free. When enrolling, athletes must communicate their functional class of membership.
Upload the documentation relating to membership to the reserved area on mymdr.it.
Alternatively, you can send all the documentation to iscrizioni@maratonadiroma.it


The wheelchair athletes will start in the minutes before the first wave of the race for able-bodied athletes (8.35am). The race will take place at a controlled pace behind an organization vehicle.
The departure modalities will be communicated in detail during the delivery of the race bib.

The control of the race is entrusted to FISPES and to the judges of Race FIDAL who will have the right to disqualify athletes who will not respect the instructions given.
The open-road vehicle will impart the race speed and must never be exceeded by the competitors.
The use of a regular helmet for athletes is mandatory.

1st / 1st place € 500.00 + cup
2nd / 2nd place / a € 300.00 + cup
3rd / 3rd place / € 200.00 + cup

Prizes will be paid within 90 days and subject to doping checks.
Only athletes regularly enrolled in the Paralympic race are entitled to the prize.
On the day of the competition, after approval of the classification by FISPES, the first three men and the first three women will be awarded with cups.
Prizes will be paid within 90 days and subject to doping checks.

The athletes who will retire on the route will be assisted to reach the arrival area with a shuttle service.


The member is responsible for the ownership and custody of his race number, acquiring the right to use all the services mentioned in this regulation and subsequently communicated. The member must be in possession of personal insurance coverage.

By registering for the 24th edition of Acea Maratona di Roma, the athlete expressly authorizes the organization, together with the legal entities with whom it maintains professional and commercial relationships relating to and related to the resumption of images of the event, to the free acquisition of the right to use the still or moving images on which it will appear, taken on the occasion of its participation in the Rome Marathon, on all visual media as well as on promotional and / or advertising materials produced and disseminated throughout the world and for all time maximum foreseen by the laws, by the regulations, by the treaties in force, including the possible extension that can be made to the foreseen period.

By registering for the Rome Marathon, the athlete declares that he / she is fully aware of accepting this regulation and of exempting the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damages to persons and / or things caused by him or him. derivatives. Participating athletes must comply with the rules of the Highway Code. "
Furthermore, the athlete declares that he is unaware of any previous medical condition or of injuries that may put him at risk during the Event.
Pursuant to Legislative Decree n ° 196 of 30/6/2003, before enrollment, the athlete is required to read the documentation regarding the protection of privacy, available on the website www.maratonadiroma.it and to express his consent to the processing of data personal, in the manner provided.


Complaints must be submitted within 30 minutes from the officialization of the tender results accompanied by a fee of € 100.00 which will be returned in case of acceptance.

For anything not provided for in this regulation, please refer to the specific regulations and applicable laws. The (Giudice di Gara Group" (race judges) may disqualify athletes who will not transit from the points of detection located on the route. The organization reserves the right to change at any time any provision of this Regulation for organizational reasons and / or force majeure, after having communicated and obtained approval from FIDAL.
For anything not provided for in this regulation, the technical statutory rules of FISPES and of the other competent Federations are valid. Any changes to services, places and times will be appropriately communicated to registered athletes or will be reported on the website www.maratonadiroma.it. Moreover, the documentation containing the essential information (info day race) will be delivered by the organization together with the bib number.


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